Isn't it awkward? A statical site in 2021?
I don't think so.
I got tired of the hysteria of the diverse CMS's, security holes, deprecated php functions, version updates conflicting the server's version and the sensitive private life of the SQL-variants.
Keep It Simple & Stupid as they say it.

This site looks really crappy!
'Tis isn't even a question :Đ
It happened intentionally. Today's webdesign trends with the uniformized outlook and the boring colour schemes make me sick.
(However, it is responsive.)

Are you a satanist?
No. Certain people might think I am one, but this tells more about them than about me.

Are you a goth?
No, I don't think I would be considered to be one - despite my fitting into quite a few well-known "goth" stereotypes. My musical preferences have very little to do with the goth genre.
I know about people who claim to be goths just because they own a pair of black-framed glasses, a top with black stripes on and they like Manson, but I don't feel this way. (Haven't even got black-framed glasses or any black-striped top - and who is this Manson, BTW?)

Isn't it possible that you might be a little depressed?
Oh no! No way. I am the true sunshine of life.

When are you planning to grow up?
I gave this project a try but abandoned it.

Do you believe you are cool, just because you boast about your crap here?
No, I don't believe anything like this.
Anyway, why do you annoy yourself with this site if you really dislike it?:Đ

Stupid, poseur, idiot, wannabe!
Very nice of you to introduce yourself - but what is the question?

Last updated: April 2021