The obligatory ego trip

yes that's me

Name: Vredens Engel
Birthday: 26th May (stellium in the Gemini yeah!)
Place of residence: where cold winds blow
Email: stormwarning {ætt} 1337 {punkt} no

Hobbies: guitar, singing, jet fighters, true crime, being bored with life

About me: Pacifist, godless heathen, music lover, notorious Linux/BSD user here; studied agriculture (this is why I am vegan), addicted to lifelong learning. Will probably never grow up. I enjoy freedom, good humour, fresh air, deep water, silence, snowfall, dark midwinter nights, new moon, sharing knowledge and being silly. Really. Don't let the MBTI stereotypes fool you: the INTJ death glare hides a remarkable amount of silliness.

food: Brutally strong thai curry with jasmine rice
drink: Beer
movie: The Seventh Seal (Ingmar Bergman, 1957)
music: All kinds of consonant, harmonic music from baroque to extreme metal
jet fighter: MiG 29 ♥, MiG 21, JA-37 Jaktviggen, Eurofighter Typhoon
composer: Johann Sebastian Almighty Bach, Dieterich Buxtehude, Jan Adam Reincken
actress: Louise Brooks
actor: Terence Hill
book: Jaroslav Hašek: Švejk the brave soldier
author: Terry Pratchett, P.G. Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, Gerald Durrell, Stephen King
band: Judas Priest, Candlemass, The Yardbirds
guitar deity: Rhoads, Page, Beck, Iommi, Malmsteen, Blackmore, Hoffmann, Fischer (ex-Accept), Friedman, Satriani m.m.
album: Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz, Diary Of A Mad Man
song: "Herr, wenn ich nur Dich hab'" by Dieterich Buxtehude (BuxWV 39)
season: winter

Best gig I have ever seen: Yngwie Malmsteen, back in 2005. I could literally not believe my eyes!

Worst nightmare: This life as it is.

Place I'd fancy going to: Baykonur Space Station

Life philosophy: what is life?