Greetings, Visitor!

Welcome to my dark online hideaway.
You can call me Angel of Wrath - or VredensEngel; I doubt you would ever see a darxoul more stereotypical than me.
Please do not expect anything original or special here. Really. I am aware of my not being an Interesting Personality (tm) (c). There is nothing unique, really. I tried my best to use as many dark clichés as possible. Yes, it is pure self-irony.
I keep longing for the good ol' times when people had the necessary skills - and ambitions - to express themselves online; oh the old times when social media didn't promote functional illiteracy as it does to-day.
This is the reason why I am running a "proper" website (and why it looks like some ancient relic from the web 1.0.0 era).
Enjoy your stay if you can.

I have been JAUP'd! Jeeeyaaaaaaahhh!


23th April 2021

Everything is working now on the site.

18th April 2021

My attempts at poetry and some bloody damned exhibitionism can now be read on the site.

17th April 2021

Some image collections are uploaded to teh Gallery.

12th April 2021

At least the main page is up and running.